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How To Make Money With Iphone
(39 Pages)


Creating an application doesn’t require you to be a genius or have programming skills. This guide will show you how you can get top-notch programmers to work with you and soak you in creative juices you never had to produce a hot-selling application!

Important matters in creating an application that you will learn include:


  • Creating applications that sell like hotcakes and loading your wallet with tons of cash!
  • Important factors to consider when looking for a reliable, solid programmer who will create profitable and engaging applications your customers will love!
  • How to not end up shelling a ton of cash for a sneaky programmer who takes your money and idea then disappears faster than a ninja on crack!
  • Digging out tons of profit-generating, hysteria inducing ideas that turn into red hot, magnetic applications people will fight to own!
  • Know exactly what your customers want in an application with these cunning little methods!
  • Leveraging on the hottest trends to discover quick ideas for a popular application
  • Key things you need to do before even developing your application – miss this and all your efforts will be wasted.
  • Using little known online resources that help any technological dummy create applications easily!
  • Circumstances where you should promote free applications and when you should promote paid applications


But…that’s not all. There are other things that you need to learn when it comes to getting your application seen by everyone else out there and it takes marketing skill to get your product noticed.

Fortunately, that will be a piece of cake once you learn:


  • The key steps to leveraging on the deadly viral power of social media sites
  • How to get tons of strangers to promote your application without them becoming your affiliate!
  • Using other simple web 2.0 applications to have hordes of targeted, hungry buyers tussle for your applications (It’s so simple that you’ll slap yourself for not thinking of it!)
  • Don’t have the resources to develop an application? Here’s a secret to profiting big time in the application market without developing one yourself!
  • And much, much more!


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