Microsoft happy with Windows Phone 7.5 Mango

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Those crazy folks at Microsoft seem quite keen on this new release of Windows Phone 7 they’ve been working on, and with good reason. Windows Phone 7.5, or “Mango,” is starting to find its way onto new and old handsets alike, and people seem rather taken with the changes the Microsoft has made.

With that success behind him, Windows Phone boss Andy Lees spoke to The Seattle Times, and he couldn’t help dissing Apple and Google while upholding Windows Phone as the best option out there for consumers. A statement was “The iPhone Doesn’t Give Enough Choice and Android is Chaotic”. What do you think?

Windows Mobile Applications: A Profitable Niche Market

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Article by Marshall George

Do you own a business, and want to have a mobile presence created for the same? The best way to do it would be through a mobile application. When it comes to getting a mobile app developed, you have several platforms to choose from, such as the Apple iPhone OS, Blackberry OS, Windows Mobile, and Symbian. Among these, Windows mobile applications stand out by their terrific support for a large number of technologies and excellent stability across a wide range of programming platforms.

There are several advantages of getting a Windows mobile application developed for your business, such as:

1.Excellent stability: The Windows Mobile operating system is stable, much like its counterpart in the PC platform. Windows mobile applications also exhibit this stability, and crash a lot less than apps developed for other platforms. 2.Easy availability of resources: Unlike most other mobile application development platforms, Windows mobile provides an open platform, over which apps can be developed without much restrictions. Developers can customize the programming interface to ensure maximum familiarity and comfort while coding. Even a community of independent developers is there to help if the programmer runs into any trouble while coding.

3.Seamless compatibility with associated technologies: Windows mobile inherits the excellent compatibility with associated programming platforms that its PC counterpart exhibits. Popular programming platforms like Adobe Flash, Microsoft Visual Studio, and Microsoft.Net are seamlessly compatible with Windows mobile operating system.

4.Unexplored, but enticing market segment: Microsoft Windows Mobile applications do not get sold as much as the apps for iPhone and Blackberry, due to the absence of an organized sales front. However, by properly promoting their apps, Windows mobile application developers and owners can reach a powerful niche market, and rake in huge profits. Microsoft presently dominates about 10% of the mobile operating system market, with approximately 4 million users. This is quite an enticing figure, given that no organized stores exist for this segment, yet.

With the official announcement of Windows Phone 7 Series, Microsoft’s brand new mobile platform the Windows Mobile Application market is geared to getting it back “in the game” and more aggressively compete with the likes of Apple, Google and Palm. There is NO question that Windows Phone 7 Series is geared towards the consumer but with it’s sleek look and a much enhanced user experience it offers a lot to expect for enterprise as well.

You can easily rake in huge profits by getting your own Windows mobile application developed by a good third party developer. You can then sell the app by getting a small marketing campaign done for it. With each app bringing you neat profits, you might even get a steady stream of income by promoting apps alone. However, make sure you only hire well reputed Windows mobile application developers to building your apps. Endeavour Software Technologies is a good example of the same. They are an expert in mobile technology and advices startups, SMBs and enterprises in defining the right mobile application, selecting appropriate technologies, wireless carriers’ relationship, and establish innovative roadmap for the continuous success as the future technologies changes over time.

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HTC Advantage X7500 Smartphone – QF: 141607 £564.99 inc vat Specification Overview: – Operating System – Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 (Upgrade to WM6 for free) – HSDPA/UMTS – Tri-band 2100 MHz and 850/1900 MHz – GSM/GPRS – Quad band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz – Processor – Intel PXA270 624 MHz with ATU Graphic Chip W2284 – Dimensions – 133.5 (L) x 98 (W) x 16 (T)mm, (with keyboard- 20mm)395g – Memory – ROM:256 MB, RAM:128MB, HDD:8GB, MiniSD card slot Box Contents: – HTC Advantage Pocket PC (WM5 Version) – Stereo-wired headset with microphone – Stylus – Battery – USB Sync. Cable – User manual, quick start guide & software CD More information available at

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4.3 Inch K702 Quad Band Dual SIM Windows Mobile 6.5 Smart Phone With WIFI JAVA GPS

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Article by Katie Lee

It believes that the old and new customers of umibuy know one of top online seller in peer online stores leading the new born consumer electronics with affordable cheap price.

Electronic China wholesale distributor umibuy always grasps the tendency and keeps updating the latest and fashion China electronics each day, especially cheap China phones. This time, umibuy launched a brand new K702 4.3 inch Windows mobile 6.5 smart phone.

Windows 6.5The new K702 phone equipped with Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system. Its CPU is Qualcomm 1024MHZ. With the operating system, although it is a cell phone, you can enjoy the function of a palm computer. And it is much easier and convenient to carry.

Dual Sim Dual Standby Unlike other previous China smartphones, the K702 smart phone supports dual sim cards dual standby. Therefore it is convenient and practical to the users. User can insert two sim cards according to the personal needs. It is easy to divide the private and business.

4.3”capacitive screenThe new smart phone has a 4.3” large full capacitive touch screen. With the capacitive screen, the operation is much easier and convenient, no use a stylus pen. Moreover, with such a large 4.3 inch screen, no matter watch images, videos and eBooks, you can have a great sight feeling. No matter where and when you are, you can take a wonderful audio and vision experience.

4 operating interfaceThe cool unlocked smart phone supports 3 operating interface. The first one is Windows operating system interface. The second is a list interface, the function options listed one by one. The third is Apple interface; there are four pages with abundant functions. The fourth one is traditional phone interface. You can operate the phone according to your personal interest.

WiFi & Java The China smart phone also supports WiFi and Java. As long as there is a hot spot, you can connect to net and can surf the internet wireless for free. Moreover, with WiFi function, you can download as many as useful Java applications and interesting Java games. It is also game player.

GPSThe cool Windows smart phone equipped with GPS function. It can guide you the right direction no matter you go. There is no need to worry about the lost. If you take a long strange journey, no need to carry an extra GPS device, just bring the phone, you will have a safe trip.

5MP cameraIt is cool this unlocked China phone ( equipped with high definition 5MP camera. It can be comparable with a real digital camera. Therefore, without carry a digital camera, you can take beautiful pictures and videos anytime anywhere.

Besides, the cheap smartphone phone comes as many as wonderful functions, such as Google Maps, Electronic Compass, FM radio, Messenger, Bing, MSN Weather, Windows Live, MSN Money, Task, Office Mobile, Marketplace, UC Brower, Adobe Reader LE, Excel Mobile, OneNote Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile, Teeter

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TOPS Touch A1 Cell Phone Makes 2 Phone Numbers in the ONE Windows Mobile Smartphone

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Article by CNdigit

Are you looking for a great deal on a great phone? Take a look at this! The TOPS Touch A1 is on sale for only 7.00. So what comes with this incredible deal? A Smartphone that can, meet all of your needs, plus more than you can imagine.First off, the 3.2 inch TFT-LCD display screen has an amazing resolution for viewing pictures in high detail. And did I mention it’s touch-sensitive? Well, not only that, but it’s G-sensor allows handshake functions, too, so it feels touch and movement.

If you’re looking for a new phone, you obviously like to be able to communicate with people and stay on top of things. And if you’re reading this, you obviously like the Internet, so how about a phone with WiFi support! Get Internet in any hotspot areas whenever you need to. Oh, and also you can use the push internet to visit all of your very favorite web pages without waiting at all. Forget about slow mobile phone Internet! And I guess I should mention the amazing zoom bar, which allows you to precisely zoom in and out of web pages and any images you want to view. Also, the TOPS Touch A1 comes with Java 2.0, in case you were wondering. You can still connect your new TOPS Touch A1 to your computer, of course, via the easy to use USB connection.

Remember that time you went out and saw that picture-perfect moment, but you left your camera at home? Well, never again will you have to worry about that! The TOPS Touch A1 comes with it’s own built-in, 3.2 megapixel camera, which, of course, takes pictures in color. And you can take tons of videos, too sounds good already, right? Well check this out – the camera also has auto focus to make sure all your pictures and videos come out perfect.I’m sure you like listening to music – we all like listening to music. How would you like to be able to do so on your mobile phone? The TOPS Touch A1 comes with FM radio support so you can do so! Oh, but is your favorite music not always on the radio when you want it to be? Good thing your new phone also supports any type of audio files and any type of video files, just in case you want to view those too. Oh, and while we’re talking about entertainment on this awesome Smartphone, I should mention that it comes with an E-book reader, so you can read all your favorite books on the go, no matter where you are.

You’ve probably needed to get directions before sometime in your life. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could get them on your phone? Listen to this – the TOPS Touch A1 comes with a built-in GPS antenna. An internal one, of course, so it doesn’t get in the way. Get directions for any place you want to go visit at home or on the road with your new Smartphone!Are you a busy person? Need an easier way to talk to people on your mobile phone? Good thing for you the TOPS Touch A1 comes with Bluetooth 2.0 with enhanced data rate, and A2DP for wireless stereo headsets. Don’t worry about having to hold a phone up to your ear whenever you need to talk!

The TOPS Touch A1 comes with a micro expansion SD slot so that you can store as much data on your phone as you’d like. And no need to worry about troubleshooting – you’ll have phone support anywhere in the world.

To view video, close up photos, full specifications, and real time rock bottom pricing on the TOPS Touch A1 Windows Mobile Smartphone. Please visit More Phone Reviews visit our Blog

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Are you looking for a great deal on a great phone? Take a look at this! The TOPS Touch A1 is on sale for only 7.00. So what comes with this incredible deal? A Smartphone that can, meet all of your needs, plus more than you can imagine.

Windows Mobile is Spartan Nature

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Article by ATV

In any category of smartphone, windows become much fresh look, much aggressive to other features mobile phones. As compare to iphone class, windows mobile is fresh one approach to the different mobiles interfaces phone. In Windows Mobile 7, every thing is super flat or in two dimensional with has different ultra color squares basic primary keys or lists. Fonts are much obvious look and must clean in bottom surface, where text almost universally black bold blush. As of Spartan nature is emblematic on entire O.S of the phone, for in better or in worse case in windows mobile 7, here you have a lots of option to make your ringtones according to your choice. Now you can create a custom type ringtones, make tone as own choices. As such performance of the cell, it looks different to other comparative handsets.

In windows phone 7, you have find lot of options here, as new feature knows as hub, that it spans on multiple mobile screen, at time you will do lot of work done without closing other applications, you will also do your some other task in your windows mobile phone. the hub made in such form that enable to support easy use of third party application, the main function of hub that provide it to twitter, foursquare, netflix or in facebook much comfortable service. With mobile hub feature, you can do a lot of things in one time; it is basically a simple process, where it connects to other application at any time. As these chatting facilities you will connect any time to your closer friends.

As new application known as live tiles, it is home screen icon in windows phone 7, they updated with fresh look like email count. Windows mobile strikes best balance of any comparisons of the mobile phones, as between the web oriented or in local storages. Here now contact applications type services, you will update all time, as use of facebook or Google beam, you will easy update your all entire profiles, as option available to find your lost phone, uploading photos or note syncing is made up here as free of cost. In windows mobile the core operating system become very popular, or much good in some ways.

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In Windows Mobile 7, every thing is super flat or in two dimensional with has different ultra color squares basic primary keys or lists.

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Windows Mobile OS

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Article by Mickraster

Mobile Phones are becoming more important as they come stuffed with different highly prolific features. There is no need for one to go to Internet cafe for accessing the internet , to own digital camera for image capturing, to own gadget having entertainment features of music player and FM Radio etc., Mobile phone are good enough to perform these tasks for the people. Take a step ahead there is Windows mobile phones which are highly in demand these days by UK people. These phones come with faster operating system and faster processor too. Quick processing is something which is a cakewalk for this phones.

We need to understand the feature of Windows phones more by discussing some of the latest handsets which runs on the Window OS. HTC Touch Pro2 is one of the recent handsets which comes under the class of Windows mobile phones in UK. The display of this gadget is a joy to the eyes with the sizing of about 3.6 inch. Various easy to use applications like accelerometer sensor for autorotation, QWERTY keyboard for easy message typing, handwriting recognition as well as proximity sensor can be easily seen with this device. HTC Touch Pro2 is a 3G phone which comes with GPRS and EDGE features to facilitate the user for the ease of Internet accessing. Downloading tasks are very much simpler in this phone running on the Windows mobile os.Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional OS is the major and undoubtedly most important feature of HTC Touch Pro2. All essential functions which includes camera, gigantic memory storage etc can be found with it. Bluetooth and USB are present there for easy transferring of files in the handset. So, with this handset, one can remain linked with the world all over. Now, lets move to another Windows mobile os supported phone which is from the land of Motorola. Motorola phones are exclusively known for their connectivity feature. The Motorola Q 9H is a great phone which runs with Windows OS.The operation of this phone is carried out in Windows Mobile ver 6.The overall performance of this phone is loved all over due to the presence of this os.

Another thing which should be taken into account when you deal with Windows Mobile is that you are probably going to be using it with a desktop system that also runs on certain versiaon of Windows. This means that the chances are very unlikely to have any communication problems in between the mobile and desktop devices. This is an area in which many companies have problems and certainly needs to work, and if you can minimize the problems you are going to be helping to keep your company’s head ahead in the competition. Windows mobile has certainly left to do a lot of work to compete with the leaders in symbian and Android.Windows mobile 7 is also out only time will tell its response in the mobile OS market.

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Mick Raster is an Software Developer by profession and has over 15 years of experience in OS design and Web Technology. His current interest is mobile OS. Read his articles on mobile Operating System in his website.

Take a quick look at the the new Nimbuzz features for Windows Mobile 1.2: Location Sharing, Skyep Out calling, SIP calling and Dial-pad. Connect and interact with your buddies from Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, GoogleTalk, AIM, and social networks including Facebook and MySpace with Nimbuzz mobile social messenger.

Mobility and Windows Mobiles

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Article by Mobility

This is the platform that you can find on many phones, it is sold as the platform that makes the integration of Microsoft productivity software and mobility seamless, allowing you to work from your phone as if you were at your desk. Does this platform deliver on everything it promises? Please visit the what is mobility website to find out!

Windows Mobile and exchange

With windows mobile, everything you need to access your exchange account is available right out of the box already installed on the phone. You have the choice to synchronise any pat of your exchange account. Emails, calendar items, tasks, notes and contact data are all available and with the inbuilt active sync you will get near instant delivery of emails to your phone as long as you have a wireless or phone signal.

With windows mobile you can see the folder structure of your exchange account, so organising and filing emails on the move is easy and will be reflected when you turn on your computer and your Outlook connects to your exchange sever. As a result of the full integration, you will be able to choose the folders that get synchronised to your phone. You can change the proportion of an email that is downloaded to the phone by default and how long emails will stay on the phone for. So that if you have a phone that lacks space (or you are not on an unlimited data plan) you can just download the header information and choose to download the rest of the email once you have opened it and seen that it is worth downloading. You also have the choice of where attachments are downloaded to (either the phone or the memory card that you have installed in the phone. If those attachments are Word, Excel or Powerpoint files then you will be able to view and edit them with the Window Mobile versions of those programs. Although these programs dont have all the functionality of their Desktop cousins they are still very useful programs none the less.

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Read the short introduction about mobility or use the links above to dive straight into the information about the different mobile operating systems to see how they can help (or hinder) you in your goal to be a mobility king or queen…

Get To Know How Using Windows Mobile App Can Help You

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Article by Ashley Forrester

With the usefulness of various Smartphones increasing in the business sector, the number of mobile apps, which are being introduced in the market, is also going up. People prefer to use their handhelds to stay in touch with their work, even when they are on the go, as compared to using laptops. The latter can prove to be bulky at times and cannot be carried along everywhere. However, there are still certain problems which most of the mobile app users face. For one thing, some of these mobile applications are too technical and at times people find it quite difficult to use. Apart from this, the user interfaces of various applications that are used on handhelds are much different from those meant to be used on computers.Many businessmen and busy executives are comfortable to work on their Windows enabled computers, so Microsoft introduced Windows mobile apps. This mobile platform has all the features that are used on Windows for computers. This makes it easier for people to use them. Most of the users have said that using Windows mobile app has helped them a lot. Here are some of the ways by which this software may benefit you:• Can be easily synchronized with your Windows enabled computer: One of the best features of using this mobile app on your handheld is that you can easily synchronize it with your computer, provided the desktop or the laptop is running on the Microsoft operating software. This would in turn help you to keep a backup for all your phone contacts, emails, and even reminders on your computer. This mobile app has been designed in such a way so that it can easily integrate itself with both exchange servers in the corporate world.• User friendly interface: On a handheld, which is running on the Windows platform, you would find various types of user friendly interfaces, like touch-screen support, proper and easily usable navigations, and touch controls. Together with these, you would also find various third party applications that are handy in customizing the interfaces as per your requirements. So if you do not like the interface that is already present then go ahead and change it.• Helpful to do various tasks at the same time: Most of the users of Windows enabled handhelds, have said that this software makes it possible for them to perform various tasks at the same time. These types of handhelds tend to allocate the memory accordingly, whenever it detects that more than one application is running at the same time. At times when it detects that the memory is getting low, it would automatically turn off a few apps that may be working in the background.With the benefits mentioned above, together with others, it is normally predicted that the use for Windows enabled handhelds would rise in the near future. If you have not experienced it yet on your phone then opt for Event2Mobile. This is sure to change your views and make you a part of the new world of <ahref=””>mobile app/a>.

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Ashley Forrester is a prolific writer on all topics related to event marketing. She is an industry insider who is well up on the latest trends and technologies ruling roost in this domain. She has a very good grip on technological advancements, especially the online registration softwares.

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T5358+ Windows Mobile 6.1 China wholesale dropship

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Article by P790 Dual Sim Card TV Wifi Cell Phone

T5358+ Windows Mobile 6.1 China wholesale dropship

China wholesale 386.html” target=”_blank”>T5358+ Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone usually has a simple, elegant and

fashionable appearance. As Smart cell phone can slide to other directions, it brings different

visual enjoyment to consumers. In China wholesale market,Smart cell phone is very common. Some China

wholesale Bluetooth mobile phone and dual sim cell phone are all Smart cell phones. At present,

Smart cell phone is becoming more and more popular in China wholesale market.

Due to this trend, many international slide cell phone buyers come to China wholesale market to buy

China wholesale slide cell phone. But facing so many China wholesale slide cell phone suppliers,

selecting a safe way to make payment keeps annoying these China wholesale T5358+ Windows Mobile 6.1

cell phone buyers. Actually, if the China wholesale slide cell phone buyers can trust the suppliers,

they can make payment directly or make payment through the suppliers’ websites. However, most China

wholesale slide cell phone buyers don’t have enough information about the suppliers. That’s why

they worried about the safety of the payment. In such a case, the best way is to select a trusted

third party payment platform to both China wholesale slide cell phone buyers and suppliers. Taking

Paypal for example, if the buyers and suppliers are agree to make payment through Paypal, the both

sides only need to keep the contact record and the payment information. If China wholesale slide

cell phone suppliers refuse to deliver the slide cell phone after getting the payment, the buyer can

turn to Paypal for help. Then Paypal will investigate this transaction and if it is such being the

case, Paypal will refund the money. At the same time, Paypal will limit the China wholesale T5358+ Windows Mobile 6.1 cell phone supplier’s further transactions. And vice

versa, if the China wholesale slide cell phone buyers refue to make payment, they will stain their

personal credit.

dropship electronicswholesale dropship

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wholesale electronics from

Windows Mobile Phones Setting more than a Trend

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Article by Adam Caitlin

News has come in that Microsoft is intending to hold several lauch events across the globe including the UK to officially launch its new Microsoft Windows 7 mobile phone handsets. Samsung and HTC Corporation, are of course, the two major players who have either already brought in a few, or about to bring in some Windows mobile phones.How good the Windows mobile phones are in comparison to say the Android phones or the Symbian-hased handsets is something that only time will tell. But for the present, the Windows mobile phones seem to be the toast of the users all over. And at least for the present there are very clear indications that the slew of Windows mobile phone will continue without much obstacles The Samsung B7300 Omnia Lite, HTC HD Mini are only two of the many such mobile phone handsets that are run by Microsoft Windows operating systems that are either already there or about to hit the market place.

Windows mobile phones enjoy all the privileges that are generally associated with smartphone devices. This includes very fast and efficient operating system, highly responsible touchscreens, high-speed internet and data networking connectivity, and so on.

Besides Samsung and HTC, LG and Acer are two other mobile phone manufacturers who have opted for the Microsoft Windows platform to run their phone devices. Acer be Touch E100, the Acer be Touch E101, Acer neo Touch S200, the LG GM 750 are again only very few instances of Windows mobile phones from these two prominent players. Even Samsung and HTC have a few other handsets running on Microsoft Windows platform other than the Samsung B7300 Omnia Lite, HTC HD Mini. These include HTC Touch Pro 2, the HTC Touch Diamond 2, HTC HD7, Samsung C6625, Samsung Omnia II, Samsung Omnia Pro B7330, Samsung Omnia Pro B7610, etc. With the latest Microsoft Windows version 7 already there in the market place, it has actually become very easy for Microsoft to compete with the other competing rivals. All Microsoft Windows mobile phone users will have ready access to call he Windows applications.

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Adam Caitlin is expert author of Telecommunication industry. For more information On HTC HD Mini and Samsung B7300 Omnia Lite in UK, visit our online shop

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