How can you keep your iphone Safe

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For an apple iphone user there are a lot of items that you have to know and the safekeeping of your iphone4 is one of those items. One of the big things that you need to care about is usually keeping your apple iphone safe. Using the device daily you tend to forget that an iphone4 is actually a very valuable piece of equipment and you need to remind yourself that you should be careful.

No some readers will think by this time; Precisely how challenging can it be to keep a my apple iphone protected? The reason the majority of i-phones may not be safe is because the owners tend to leave the electronic device behind in dangerous places. For example on a high bar, in the kitchen next to water, in the shower / bath, on the couch / etc. Also you don’t want to crack your screen and still owners keep the phone in their back pocket of their pants and sit on it. Many people forget you need to do everything you can to protect it from being stolen. The main problem with keeping your iphone in damped / steamy areas in your home is usually that this water vapor gets within the telephone and will trigger corrode and corrosion with the parts. If you cannot go without your phone inside your bathroom then I propose putting a shirt or another clothing piece on top or around the phone so no moisture gets in the electronics.

The best effect of using a display cover is not only to defend your phone from scratches and trivial cracks. Another reason is that it will help making the front screen thicker and harder and so it has less danger of cracking when it falls. Another suggestion is to keep the face of the display inwards in the direction of your body when it is inside your jean pocket. The whole reasoning of this suggestion is to reduce the chance of accidental cracking due to objects hitting your jacket / your body / your pocket or you yourself running into sharp objects like tables.

And locking your telephone is usually something that is underestimated. Locking ones phone is easy and therefore you should do it always.

Many good Apps / tools for freelancers

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On Empire Avenue I stumbled upon an article with the title Five Essential Apps and tools 4 freelancers. So are you an independent freelancer working from home or on contract somewhere? In the article the writes gives some tips about Apps and tools you can use to support your freelance activities. The apps / tools are:

Well I, and many others, can add many tools / apps to this list:

  • an Iphone or (do not get angry) another smart phone like an Android or Blackberry
  • Skype, Messenger or another chat tool
  • Google (search for answers / solutions)
  • Linkedin (for networking and promotion)
  • Twitter (for promotion and information)

And also there are many iOS apps very useful for freelancers. For example:

  • Fring (combines Google Talk, Skype, MSN messenger, AIM, Yahoo, ICQ, Twitter and VoIP calls over Wi-Fi)
  • Shoeboxed Business Card Reader and Business Card Scanner
  • iFreelancer
  • Freewallet
  • GetPaid! – PDF Invoice & Time Sheet
  • TimeTracking or HoursTracker – Time Sheet or Time Master + Billing
  • OmniFocus

You probably also know a few good tools and apps out there? Care to share them?

Best Buy Accepting In-Store iPhone 4S Pre-Orders

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It’s no secret that Apple has another hit on its hands. Earlier today, the Cupertino company announced that it sold a staggering 1 million iPhone 4S’ during the device’s first day of preorders.

With ship dates now 1-3 weeks out, those looking to score an iPhone 4S by Friday are running out of options. But before you setup camp outside of your local Apple Store, you may want to give BestBuy a try. Because several sites have been reporting this weekend that Bestbuy, a well known electronic retailer, is accepting in-store preorders for the new iPhone 4S. If you deposit $50 the mobile division will reserve a handset for you.

Top Points Allow you to Improve the Life of iphone 4 Power supply

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Lately there are several complains on brief life of iphone power over the internet. The users are so upset simply because three hours would be the lengthiest dynamic interval for battery power. It has got kaput absolutely it’s not the good thing with the users. Really should be truth, compared to other great smartphone’s, living in the power is undoubtedly one of Iphone’s “cons”.

The good news is, they may have located the approaches to remedy this matter. You should consider your iphone nicely. What is more, you need to understand the special purposes plus the individuality which actually make a difference. Or considerably more project is at vain. Here are some tips can enhance your iphone” battery life.

Wireless bluetooth and Wi-fi need to be turned off

Actually, a lot of battery power was implemented up by Wifi. It is a good idea that shut off your Wifi as soon as the time you enter a business office or facing your working computer. The wireless may feed on power energy with quickly swiftness. For anyone who is far away the multilevel, the more effective strategy is to shut down wireless. Azure the teeth is not applied typically, you are able to procrastinate.

The sound effects would be turned off

Really should be truth, it’s very quick to postpone the sound effects. It only dines little electrical power every single moments, the sum of selection is usually bigger.

The moderate illumination is way better

The happier iphone display, the greater electrical power it can use, it will be preferable to set the level of the display in a very center level.

Placed the car-fasten

It does not take important factor for battery life, many times, we are going to disregard the little level, needs to be truth, that little things may play a primary factor in performing a little something. You may make your iphone fasten routinely following a minute or so. Not surprisingly, the “sleep mode” can be the easiest way to spend less electrical power.

The temperate ought to keep perfect

For anyone who is place your Iphone 4 in usual temp, living in the power might be longer. We need to know, the better temp will mislay a lot more electrical power of power.


iPhone Tips and Tricks

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The iPhone is one of the most popular mobile devices in the world. That means a huge community and a vast library of tips and tricks. Here’s a sample:

At a favourite website, tap the plus sign (+) at the bottom of the screen. When the ‘Add Bookmark’ bar appears, press ‘Add to Home Screen,’ and you’ll create app icon for your favourite site.On the keyboard, press a key and hold it to reveal its alternate character. For instance, the period includes the ellipsis and question mark includes the upside-down question mark.At the end of a sentence, tap the spacebar twice. The iPhone will add the period for you, and then automatically capitalize the next letter you type.Double-tap a word, then use the grab points to highlight that word or an entire phrase.


Now, tap again to cut, copy, or paste. To undo, shake the iPhone, and then tap the Undo button.When searching the Internet using the Google app, hold the .com button for access to other shortcuts like .net, .org, and .edu.Nevertheless, URL prefixes and suffixes aren’t usually necessary. It’s much quicker to use URL than It even works for .net and the other suffixes.While using the camera to shoot video or take photos, tap the screen. The iPhone will automatically focus and adjust the exposure and white balance.Tapping the phone with the camera active will also bring up the zoom slider. Drag the slider to the right to increase zoom up to 5x, and drag it to the left to lower it.Create a screenshot of your Home screen by pressing and holding the Home button. When the Sleep/Wake button appears, tap it. A screenshot will appear in your Camera Roll.


In order to save images from the Web when using Safari, just tap the image, and then hold. You can now save it directly to your Camera Roll or copy it for pasting into email or MMS.The built-in iPhone calculator is a scientific calculator too. The additional functionality appears when you rotate the device sideways (landscape mode).To lock the screen orientation, double-tap the Home button, and then swipe the multitasking interface left to right. Do it again to unlock it.The FaceTime video calling feature takes advantage of the iPhone’s front-facing camera, but you can also use the rear-facing camera. Simply use the camera rotation icon as a toggle.


Guide to help you choose the best iPod/iPhone to computer Transfer & Backup software

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What is iPod/iPhone Transfer & Backup software?It would be a wonderful thing to know we’ll never have a hard drive failure, a system crash with data loss or our computer stolen, but that’s not reality. Those things happen. Sooner or later plenty of iPod/iPhone users will need to the same as we’ve done with a computers–a fresh install of the operating system, either because of a physical defect which requires new hardware, or to eliminate any of the spyware, viruses, and other exploits. iPod/iPhone to PC Transfer is designed to back-up your entire iPod/iPhone music library to PC.


Once you’ve spent the time, money and effort to put music on your iPhone, there isn’t any reason it should be locked away.What features make an excellent iPod/iPhone transfer?All the iPod/iPhone transfer software has the similar function, so do you have any idea how to pick the right one? Here are some some tips for reference.1.iPod/iPhone Series SupportedIf a iPod/iPhone transfer cannot support the all iPods/iPhones type you are using, then no matter how powerful this transfer is, it is useless to you.


So you should pay attention here when picking.2.Transfer typesMost of the iPhone transfer can transfer files from iPod/iPhone to PC, but some excellent ones also can synchronize your iPod/iPhone with the iTunes, or transfer files between two iPhones.3.iPod/iPhone managementA powerful iPod/iPhone transfer should allow you manage your iPod/iPhone files as well. Like manage the iPhone as a portable hard disk, or edit the playlist, etc.SummaryIn a word, the above features are the basic requirements of a powerful iPod/iPhone transfer. Pay attention to these features, and you can surely find a satisfying transfer.


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Super Apple iPhone Tips To Improve Productivity

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We all know how the iPhone has changed lives and productivity. The iPhone not only allows us to stay in contact with important people in our lives through phone and e-mail functions, but it also is a great web tool.

Here are some great iphone tips to help boost your productivity further:

The phone has a great digital keyboard that allows us to type much faster than other conventional button phone, and along with it’s smart auto-complete functionality, there’s no other keyboard like it. Despite how fast we can type on the iPhone though, nothing beats the speed of a full sized desktop keyboard.

Our first Apple iPhone tip is to improve the way we add bookmarks to our phone. Rather than typing web addresses manually on the phone, create a folder in your bookmarks directory on your computer called “iPhone bookmarks” and copy the bookmarks you want to this folder. Sync the phone up with iTunes and you’ll have easy access to all your favorite websites on your phone.

On to our next Apple iPhone tip. Need to find Wi-Fi hotspots while you’re on the road? Rather than using the “Maps” app to search for them (by typing “hotspot” along with the nearest zip code), there’s an app called “JiWire Wi-Fi Finder”. This nifty little app allows you to easily search 150,000 locations within 135 countries for hotspots around your location. It will also allow you to filter for free ones which the Map app does not let you do.You can find this iPhone app for free on the AppStore.

Many of us who have had an iPhone for a while now have managed to develop superior 2-thumb typing skills, right? Ever considered entering the “thumb-typing” olympics? There’s an application that allows you to develop kung fu skills on your little digital keyboard in a matter of days. Search for the “iPhone Typing Test” website on Google and start practicing. This site will test you by giving you sentences to retype and your goal is to get it typed up as fast as possible. It will then display a report letting you know how many words per minute you typed and also your accuracy level.

There is also a freestyle typing test on the same website where you can type anything you like and it will give you a similar report on how fast your speed is.

Our next Apple iPhone tip is aimed at you SMS junkies. Have you been text messaging your friends or family who already own an iPhone? If so, why waste your money on SMS bills? Despite having instant messaging apps like “Messenger” with a push service available, many people still do not like using them and would rather use SMS. Well now, there’s an app that allows you to send SMS messages to your friends who already own an iPhone, and all for free!

The app can be found on the AppStore and the name is “Ping!”. Great little application that’s fast and all you need to do set it up is to create a username, then send an e-mail out to all your iPhone buddies to get them onto the service as well.

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Get The Most From Your iPhone With These 7 Tips And Tricks

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For those who are fortunate enough to possess an iPhone, you are already aware of the fun that comes with it. Playing with the iPhone, you will discover tips and tricks that are useful. Here are some of them.

1. Tap once at the very top section of the touch screen when you are connected. It will bring you back to the window. You don’t have to scroll to get back there. It saves time.

2. By setting the font in the smallest size possible, you will be able to read more of what is written in the net window. The advantage is by clicking on the link, you can expand that and the link will make it easier for you to click as well.

3. You don’t have to post the compete address of the sites you’ve bookmarked as your favourites. All you have to do is put the RSS address into the reader. This saves your bookmarks. In that way it can lead you to the address. It also saves you from downloading the entire webpage.

4. Is there a word you often misspell? There is a feature on the iPhone that helps you remedy this. If you’ve misspelled the word, you can let the mobile flag it. By cancelling this 3 times, the word is then automatically placed in the dictionary. The next time you type that word, you are assured that the phone spells it right for you.

5. If you are composing an email and the magnifying glass isn’t being a helpful tool because it is too small for your taste, you can tap it once and then hold. The magnifying glass icon will show how far you can zoom in order for you to get a better view of the letter you are writing. It also makes editing quite easy.

6. If you want to organize the icons on your home screen, you can drag all them around or go to iPod, click on More, then click on Edit.

7. If you want to restart your iPhone, press the right button for about 6 seconds. If you want to turn it back on, push the button located at the very top.

Hopefully, you found these tips and tricks helpful. If you’re curious about how you can get your fill of the latest music and movies, check out iPhone downloads. Enjoy!————————————————————-




Sell a Used iPhone – Where and How

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Article by Mark Grey

So, you have a used iPhone, you are looking to upgrade or replace it and you are thinking of throwing the used one to the trash and add to the serious e-waste issues that our planet is facing? STOP, by doing this you may as well open your wallet or purse and throw the contents along with it, as you are throwing money to the trash. When you want to upgrade or replace your iPhone you can gain some great knowledge starting with this article that will lead you to selling your used iPhone, getting paid great cash for it and be able to use this to purchase your new iPhone at a reduced rate, technically.

Free money is something that we all enjoy, and now have fantastic access to, at the same time as receiving and offering so many benefits – all this from one blog, one advice and a very simple process.

So many people are trashing cash instead of using the process to sell a used iPhone and benefit from it, as well as aiding the planet you inhabit and community in which you live. Gathering knowledge from a great resource site or blog can help avoid this and put some extra dollars in your wallet or purse, this is definitely something that none of us should ignore, and in this financial state, can´t afford to ignore.

Free information that can bring you a cash reward when you sell a used iphone or any other electronic device should not be overlooked at the best of times, and more so now. Selling your used iPhone has been made so easy with the Sell an iPhone blog, but it´s not all about how to sell your used iPhone, there is also some great tips, tricks and news on there all related to your iPhone, new, old or used – if you own an iPhone you are set to learn something new and benefit from your device in a new way.

Reverting to the fact of selling your used iPhone, getting top prices paid and receiving quality service is what we are all looking for, and that hunt has now been done for us, all we have to do is read up on what some very talented writers have to say about iPhones and how to sell our used ones, and benefit from our current, or new one.

Visit and join the community that is reading free advice, and getting great cash for it, no more throwing money away, as you will see the process is so simple we would all be crazy to miss out.

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Mark Grey,

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Reliable iPhone 3G 2.2.1 Unlock

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Article by Gen Wright

There seems to be a lot of confusion to the subject of unlocking or jail-breaking iPhones. Lots of people seem to think that there is some strict law in place and that by buying a new iPhone you are promising to be a consistent AT&T customer. This is the case. The truth is that you purchased the product, this means you are the owner, and you should be able to use it in whichever way you like. With that being said, often times – especially using software Unlock methods, your warranty that has been provided by Apple will become null and void once you complete the unlocking process, so you must ensure that you unlock your phone in a safe and reliable manner. When it comes to unlocking your 3G iPhone 2.2.1 there are some techniques and tricks that you need to be aware of in order to complete the whole process. You dont want to end up with an expensive brick rather than a phone that can be used for a number of fancy applications. Before deciding to unlock your iPhone you need to understand exactly what the unlocking process entails.Within the USA, almost every 3G iPhone 2.2.1 will be “locked” upon purchase. The locked iPhone will only allow the phone to work in a certain network such as AT&T for example. If you want to use the phone with another carrier you will need to unlock the phone. The best iPhone unlocking tactics performed is using a hardware “piggy back” SIM card. Place this ultra thin SIMcard on top of the SIM from the carrier you wish to use, and your iPhone is Unlocked. You will essentially be able to use your 3G iPhone 2.2.1 in a way that you deem fit. This hardware unlock method will never void your Apple warranty.There are certain warnings and precautions that come with unlocking your iPhone. While you will find a plethora of information online such as tutorials and howto’s, it is best to let an unlocking expert take care of the major details. Search for and find a reliable company that will offer your detailed step by step instructions on how to unlock your phone carefully and in a way that will not risk harm to the phone itself. By using experts such as these you will also be given the details on how to return your phone to locked status if you wish to take it in for service or use the warranty that you undoubtedly purchased along with it. Take your time, make sure you are informed and seek expert advice. Sure unlocking your 3G iPhone 2.2.1 may seem easy enough after reading some free online tips, but do you really want to risk turning your expensive purchase into a useless paperweight?

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How to Unlock iPhone 3G – Visit Unlock iPhone website.

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