Cell Phone Insurance – Ending the sighs

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Article by Insurance Info

What you think if your new, shiny and the most expensive cell phone of blackberry, which you have bought with lot of ambitions would be looted by street men? Or maybe it could be damaged in accident of fire or whatever, but simply you have no more that! Again and again you will see your pocket and take a deep sigh! Isn’t it?You are well aware that modern cell phones are highly sophisticated and equipped with GPS and have windows or Android operating system which can bring your office alongside with you are really the most precious for you in your everyday life. One of our friends is now fix a name on cell phone that it is an artificial but the most essential organ of our body too. So without it we are feeling total isolated even in the huge mob of the streets or picnic points. But when our cell phone missed, theft or damaged accidentally we felt the pain. But halt your mind, think about another safe side. What you think? “Would you like to add the insurance plan for your phone?” Surely instead of above panic situation you must prefer this option. Where your smile will be sustain at your face, and no sigh would be taken by you.You just ask to your sales rep for the insurance of your new cell phone. Surely it is just nominal onetime fee which would keep you safe side and keep your face smile even your cell phone would missed of snatched.There are different companies who offer good deal for the insurance of your new cellular set. And personally suggesting you that after buying new one set you have to buy its life time insurance too because it has lot of benefits like:• Provide worldwide coverage, if any mis-happening occurs.• The claim of this insurance is very much easy and has very minimum documentation.• It has replacement cost coverage.• There are very much professional companies who handle the situations and you don’t face any hindrance or bother.So what do you think for this pretty good option? I think you should have to buy insurance for your cell phone, otherwise thugs are packed in streets and markets and they are looking to new sets especially in the hands of innocents like you. But why we are talking about thugs, thieves or looters haven’t you heard about that crocodile of Ukraine who ate ringing cell phone which was in the hands of a woman visitor. Amazing was that the woman who lost the cell phone said that she wants to get her phone back as it had a number of memorable photographs on it and maintained that she will not pay for the operation to get it back.I think there are various ways to restore your precious data like contacts, images etc like you may keep backup at Ovi services or else. But what you think about your missing phone?

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Mobile Phone Insurance, Can we live without it?

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Article by Simon Hemmings

When you purchase your new mobile phone or extend an existing contacts, many service provides will offer the option to purchase an insurance policy, typically costing around five pounds or there abouts. When looking at the fact that the latest mobile phones can cost hundreds if not a thousand pounds to replace and are very easily stolen, damaged or lost its vital that you get protected if the worse happens.

There are a number of steps that we can take to reduce the chances of it be stolen, simple ones like never leave it on the table, leave it in your car or any where it could attract attention to others.

When you lose your mobile phone and if you have it insurance you can get it replaced but you can not get your information back from within the mobile phone, whether its your kids pictures or business contacts it will be lost for good. So regularly update and backup your mobile phone into your computer.

If your phone is lost or stolen and you have insurance for your phone then it’s important to notify the police, and contact your service provider too. The reasoning is to stop others from using your mobile phone and charging expensive amount of overseas calls, this can be done by transmitting a signal to switch your phone off and unable to be used again.

After submitting your claim to the police you will receive a crime number which can be used to claim back your mobile phone insurance. If everything is above board you will receive your replacement phone within a week, you may have to pay an excess of approx 50 pounds which will vary between different providers.

In general, your mobile phone will not be covered on your home contents insurance and with a high cost of replacement, having mobile phone insurance can cover and will save you hundreds of pounds.

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The best iPhone Insurance coverage

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Article by Sunny

The cost of buying iphones is very high. They always deserve the best iPhone Insurance coverage for you to be able to make them stay long or get compensated should they be stolen. It would be very unthinkable to invest in such an expensive gadget and then fail to purchase iPhone Insurance coverage for it. The GoTronics iPhone Insurance coverage company is able to offer you with the best iPhone Insurance coverage that you can work with. If you really value the life of your iphone then you should always think of giving it iPhone Insurance coverage because you do not know when you would be faced with either an accidental damage or have your iphone snatched from you. It is good to get your iphone well equipped with full protection so that no matter what happens, you are not going to loose your iphone completely or have its life prematurely shortened.Being without iPhone Insurance coverage can create very many inconveniences for you. It is just very advisable that whenever you own an iphone, you should be able to purchase iPhone Insurance coverage and get your iphone fully protected. The GoTronics iphone insurance company provides very workable iPhone Insurance coverage plans which you might consider using. The GoTronics iPhone Insurance coverage company is always on the top ranking position of iphone insurance companies lists for the unique services which it has been offering over the years. It has very skilled technicians who would repair your iphone and get it back in good working order within the agreed time. Speed and efficiency have been greatly mastered by all the GoTronics iPhone Insurance coverage company because we always want our customers to be able to stay connected every single minute.GoTronics iPhone Insurance coverage company is also much known for the dignity with which we handle you iphone. Our iPhone Insurance coverage customers are much respected and are served with respect always. We are known to be the ones who have introduced the most unique iPhone Insurance coverage services like the data recovery. This is a sensitive bit in our iPhone Insurance coverage offers and it takes great respect for the iPhone Insurance coverage customers’ privacy for our technicians to handle it. The phone can be your portable office which carries all your company secrets or it could be containing some of the most personal pictures which you can not dare to loose. Since we have the data recovery section within our iPhone Insurance coverage, you would only be comfortable letting our technicians to handle this sensitive exercise for you if we promise to be very dignified in our data recovery process.

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The GoTronics iPhone Insurance coverage company has been on the fore front of providing the most reliable iPhone Insurance coverage services in the industry. It is a good step to purchase iPhone Insurance coverage so that your iphone can be protected against any kind of accidental damage that it may face.

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Is ATT Cell Phone Insurance for You?

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Article by Bob Fellsway

Cellphones nowadays are very pricey. Of course they will often not really seem to be expensive if purchased with a service plan, but that’s due to the fact each cellphone is normally greatly subsidized by the mobile provider in order to get people buying the month to month program. Any cellular telephone, provided with a month to month bill for minutes, can range between free to several 100 dollars. The identical phone, if not provided with a reoccurring program, could cost from about right right up to the several hundred dollars.

Many people, in particular those who are incident prone or perhaps have little ones that like to eat, fiddle with, or perhaps throw pricey objects all around, may choose to buy a cell phone insurance program which is available from his or her cellular provider. The following critique will examine ATTs wireless insurance policy.

There can be a lot of reasons that somebody might choose to purchase insurance coverage, and so far just 2 have been mentioned. Some other reasons might be when someone resides in a highly populated community more prone to thieves or another forms of crime or if that person is forgetful. Last but not least, take into account liquid damage to your phone when contact with h2o or other liquids are any regular happening.

Once your uninsured cell phone is in some way lost or damaged, obtaining a new replacement for it, even if the replacement may be the very same mobile phone, could cost 2, three, or perhaps 4x what had been originally paid. This is how cell phone insurance helps.

AT&T supplies a month-to-month fee for wireless insurance for a price of 4.99. This particular plan covers everything from a lost or thieved cellular phone, to liquid damage, mechanical problems, as well as infant incidents.

The insurance deductible for the replacement claims can be as up to to 5 depending on the model of smartphone which should be exchanged. But, there exists a limit to the amount of substitutions one individual can have. AT&T has a comprehensive cell phone insurance plan, but limit replacements at 2 per year and up to 00 per claim. A lot of people won’t ever hit this limit. As soon as an insurance plan is purchased, there isn’t any waiting period to place a claim.

When a claim needs to be filed, contact ATT’s customer service phone number or just visit your ATT store and consult with a consultant. Take the unit with you so that the representative can see it in order to replace it. There is no guarantee, though, that any one will receive exactly the same cellphone as an alternative. Colors might be different and maybe the type of cellular phone may possibly be changed. No matter what, any recently reconditioned cell phone can take the place of your unusable device.

To become eligible for wireless insurance a person should apply within 30 days of first registering with AT&T.

The insurance program AT&T offers might not be for everyone, but the price is suitable for many. Think about possible issues just before saying yes to buying plans from ATT, but remember there are actually only thirty days till time expires to join. The plan will probably be worth looking into more.

AT&T Cell Phone Insurance Summary

* Cost: .99/month * Deductible: -5 (excluding apple iphones) * Coverage: Almost everything * Restriction: 2 claims/year and ,500/claim * Claims Number: 800-801-1101 * Sales Phone Number: 1-800-331-0500

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Protect you mobile phone with mobile phone insurance cover

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Article by Andrew J Peterson

Mobile phone insurance is regarded as a perfect option for the people who have costly phones with them. One can receive a detailed information regarding the mobile insurance cover by means of Internet websites.

Mobile phone today is considered as an integral part of our lives. Almost every individual today owns a mobile phone. These gadgets are used for a number of purposes. The main cause behind this rising popularity of the mobile phones is the advancement proffered by these devices in staying connected with our friends and relatives while on move. With the advancement in technology, these gadgets come wrapped with bounteous features like high resolution camera with video recorder, GPS, MP3 player, FM radio, Internet, gaming, SAT NAV systems, EDGE, GPRS, Bluetooth and many more. The presence of such ingenious features have increased the cost of mobile phones to a large extent. As a result of this, these costly devices are very difficult to replace. So, it becomes very important to take a special care of these devices. Looking at all these benefits of mobile phone, the need of getting a Mobile Phone Insurance cover rises. The insurance policies provide coverage against accidental damage, loss, theft etc.

With the help of Insurance policies, people can easily compensate their losses occurring because of abrupt events. Insurance policies help people regain their losses with lot of ease. Suppose, you have purchased a handset and it faced damage after a small period. If it is insured then you can receive a handsome amount from an insurance company. But if it is not, then you are in a complete loss. So, it is really important to get your mobile phone insured. The process of registering yourself for a mobile insurance cover is very easy. It is a good option to protect you handset from any kind of damage.

We all know that the incidents of mobile thefts and loss is increasing on a rapid scale worldwide. Because of high cost involved in the purchase of the new handset, it is very important to take care of it. It is essential for the mobile phone users to insure their phone in order to bring down the financial affliction caused by unfavourable incidents. Every insurance plan is valid for some specific time period. There are large number of insurance deals existing in the market these days so as to facilitate the handset owners in a better way. One should always choose an effective and cheap mobile phone insurance deal. It is very important to have a deep and clear understanding of different aspects of the policy document before entering into a mobile insurance contract. One should be very well aware of the hidden costs, benefits provided as well as the terms and conditions under which a claim can be made.

There are different websites available on the Internet which offer different type of insurance services to the users. As these sites are available with comparison feature so the users can also compare the different services and can go for the best possible service as per their needs and desire. Thus, a person must register himself to a mobile insurance cover. It not only helps in saving time and money but also minimises the tension which rises because of a damaged phone.

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www.mobilephoneinsurance-uk.co.uk – Mobile phone insurance – Should you cover and protect your phone for loss, theft, accidental damage, water damage, fraud calls and more? Find out at http

Wikipedia on Phone Insurance

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Article by ensquared

Phone insurance is becoming of increasing importance. Cell phone insurance (as it is referred to in USA) or mobile phone insurance (the UK and Australian common term) is important as the devices move into advanced or smartphone category; meaning that they are becoming much more expensive to replace. This information was derived from the Ensquared.com – a specialist free informational site on the wireless phone insurance topic. This source offers multi-dimensional views of this important insurance category – particularly for the USA

Phone insurance really boils down to four distinct modules, namely: Extended warranty, Accidental Damage, Lost & Stolen and Data Back-up. From these basic cellular insurance items the insurance providers are able to design cell insurance products containing single modules or various combinations offering up to 4 modules in one. Obviously cell phone insurance premiums increase as the coverage becomes more comprehensive.

A very interesting observation is that all the major phone service providers who offer insurance (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T Mobile, Cellular One, Alltel, Cingular Wireless, TracFone and others) are all backed by one underwriter and insurer: Asurion Insurance company. This would seem to imply that there are close similarities between the providers in their offerings but that is not the case. Inside each product there are items open to a lot of variance: Deductibles, premiums charged, claim limits, module combinations, exclusions and subscription time from point of activation (anything from “day of activation” to one month after – but seldom longer). Service providers know they have a captured audience with respect to their service plans so they mold and shape the Asurion terms to suit themselves. This makes assessing phone insurance options very complex

There are other independent options available through the Internet and to eBay sellers, but these typically exclude the module Lost & Stolen and have other severe restrictions. The best known of these operators is Square Trade

A very good phone insurance comparison tool that has recently emerged is the first ever Ensquared Calculator. This is offered absolutely free and is effective in assessing the key differences between policy benefits. Seven simple questions answered give the potential subscriber succinct solutions that are the most price effective. It thereby takes into account the many differences on fundamental issues in different policies. Other interesting viewpoints of the same subject are phone insurance by Brand, including iphone insurance and Palm Pre Insurance, cheapest plans and phone insurance for less than per month.

In learning more about phone insurance as it is emerging today there are questions raised all the time. A concise “Frequently Asked Questions” goes a long way to opening awareness in this arena that is starting to gain a lot more attention as costs of the devices increases and as new applications and technology make their impact.

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Amazing Mobile Phone Insurance Claims

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Article by Emily Watkins

It would appear there is never a dull moment in mobile phone insurance and for those who may wonder what is so exciting about insurance, then you’ve only got to have a look at the fate of many iPhones, who have met their doom via the toilet or the pavement. These maybe the most common fates heard by iphone insurance claim handlers, however there are stranger and almost unbelievable ones that make their way through the general destruction.

Who would think that you could be walking along the promenade, taking in the sea breeze and looking at the rolling waves, the next thing somebody throws you in the sea, but wait, your expensive mobile phone was in your pocket and now it has joined an unnatural union between water and technology, a very lethal mix for even the sturdiest of protective covers.

Then there is the claim for a very unlucky person indeed, not only did they trip over, but their phone took it upon itself to fly into the road, only to meet its fate under the wheels of a passing car. This goes to show if your phone is deemed to meet its maker, fate will step in with the ideal double solution.

Don’t think your mobile phone is safe whilst you are brushing your teeth, especially if you are talking on it at the same time and especially if the tap is running, just one clumsy moment and a lapse in concentration and plop, water and technology creates another iphone insurance calamity.

Spare a thought for the disgusting demise of one particular phone that through no fault of its own ended up falling into a bucket of vomit and subsequently failed to function, not surprising really.

If those four examples show how the plight of the iphone is a precarious one, we can’t forget those mobile phones who meet their demise via puppies and the ever dangerous washing machine, of course where would the mobile insurance claim handler be without the daily clumsiness of trips and spills, resulting in cracked screens. Not forgetting the phones that meet their possible end by the good old fashioned sitting on.

If all of that seems to be predictable, then mobile insurance also has to cover theft from the bag snatchers, the sneaky thief, the grab an iPhone gang. That little phone, it’s a wonder that they still exist, when there are so many dangers out there. But homage goes to the phone that couldn’t get a signal and was lent out of a window in an attempt to booster reception, only for it to fall from safety and meet the unforgiving concrete.

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Mobile Phone Insurance 02

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Article by Sunny

A mobile phone is not only a communication device but also combines other numerous features such as camcorders, voice recorders and cameras among other many features which make the mobile phone vary in value and functionality. The diversity in the features of the mobile phone also reflects on the cost of mobile phone insurance.

Since go-tronics specializes in repairs of mobile phones, they find it very easy to handle any needs of repairs that may be brought in from the clients who have the mobile phone insurance cover from the company. The ultra fast turn around times that the company has continued to give no doubt puts it ahead of the many competing companies that offer mobile phone insurance without having the good technicians who can deliver repairs on mobile phones within a few hours.

Having been in the mobile phone insurance business for quite a long time, the go-tronics have had the advantage of being able to outline some of the most important needs of the mobile phone insurance customers and as such outlined their mobile phone insurance services almost to the exact demand of the many clients. The most outstanding of the services offered by go-tronics is the mobile insurance cover for mobile phones that have been accidentally immersed in water. It is not a secret that almost every other mobile phone insurance company has reservations about covering water damaged mobile phones.

Another unique feature that attracts many mobile phone insurance seekers into signing with go-tronics mobile phone insurance cover is the data recovery aspect. While many mobile phone insurance service providers do not want to take the risk of promising g their clients data recovery when they do not actually know how to recover the data when eventually challenged to do the needful, go-tronics boasts of a reliable data recovery ability that a good number of mobile phone insurance companies do not give.

Besides being able to recover the data in the damaged phone, the mobile phone insurance covers from go-tronics also include full refunds just incase the mobile phone insurance seeker does not make any claim. The fact that go-tronics offers same day service on repairs and same day delivery on all repairs or replacements.

After having been in the mobile phone insurance sector for long, the go-tronics team has expanded their services to include the mobile phone insurance cover for jail broken phones and unlocked mobile phones. This sis a major achievement since most mobile phone insurance companies do not cover this category of mobile phone claims. This decision is ion line with the company’s belief that the most important thing to look out for when seeking mobile phone insurance cover for any phone is the current condition of the mobile phone. As long as the mobile phone is checked and verified to be in perfect working condition, there is no reason why go-tronics should not insure it.

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There can be no better decision regarding mobile phone insurance than the decision to insure your mobile phone with a company like go-tronics which fully understands all aspects of the mobile phone ranging from the repair to data recovery from a damaged mobile phone. This company has certainly brought new stuff in the mobile phone insurance cover sector.

Insure your wireless phone

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Article by Radek Stepanek

People who are unlucky and get their phones damaged or lost soon realize that it can turn out to be a very expensive mistake. This can be quite tough as some of the cell phones cost a lot these days and getting them damaged is not all that tough. The restoring of damaged cell phones too costs a lot and is by and large not preferred by the individuals. People prefer getting the entire phone replaced. To prevent such costly things, it would be a much better idea to get wireless phone insurance. Worthavegroup.com is a web site which has all the info about the wireless phone insurance.

This site will make sure that you get all the necessary info about the wireless phones and the wireless phone insurance providers. This firm has been in operation for the past three years. During this time period the phone insurance coverage choices have increased and the cost of insurance for wireless phones has reduced considerably.

Squaretrade, Asurion, Safeware and Worth Ave Group are the major wireless phone insurance policy providers functioning in the market currently. The first three are all guarantee suppliers where as the last one supplies actual wireless phone insurance through insurance policies. If you have designs of getting wireless phone insurance, this is the firm that will be able to help you out. The wireless phone insurance has become very essential and popular these days for many reasons. The delicate nature of the device makes it susceptible to falls, scratches and other physical aberrations. These are also very pricey as they employ some advance mobile technology and also because of the long tern wireless service contract. When such is the situation, losing a wireless phone or damaging it can be really harsh.

The personalized and world wide coverage for people is provided by the Worth Ave Group to all the interested people. They will also help individuals who are looking to insure their other cell phones, lap tops and ipads. These insurance policies offer coverage from accidental damage, flood, fire, natural disasters and stealing. The wireless phones are really costly and has a great risk of theft and impairment. Close to 80% of the entire wireless phone failures are because of unplanned damage. These accidental damages may be because of dropping it in water and other similar accidents. The glass screens of the wireless phone are also vulnerable for cracks and scars.

Individuals who have resolved to get their wireless phones insured can now use the wireless phone insurance policy extended by the Worth Ave Group. This policy will cover the wireless phone from all the above discoursed occurrences and will ensure that you dont have to constantly worry about your phone. With this company you can even apply online for a wireless phone insurance policy. You will have several options to choose from depending on the model of your wireless phone.

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iPhone 4 Insurance – Should You?

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Article by Si Hersch

Right now, most of the world has already discovered that Apple iPhone has become biggest selling mobile devices in the world. It’ll be a astonish to notice, on the other hand, that Apple by itself doesn’t provide you with iPhone insurance to safeguard the iphone against damage, theft, and other things that iPhone keepers shall be likely to be experiencing. But the good thing is that iPhone 4 insurance does exist for those who fear that they can for some reason lose or damage their iPhones completely.Now, you could possibly say that Apple gives you a program that insure the iPhone so you can acquire a product referred to as Apple Care. This, however, is just extended warranty or support they’ll take care of these products which are beyond your company warranty. They will indeed cover an iPhoneowner forflaws, repairs and also replacement batteries for one year nevertheless it’s notto be thought of as iPhone insurance. It won’t provide coverage for accidental damage or improper use.So where can you get? There are a few third-party insurance companies on the market which will protect you when it comes to iPhone 4 Insurance. One of these companies is Squaretrade and they provide a range of iPhone insurance policy that you could acquire. This is a service that’s was there before the iPhone was released because they have got a plan which will cover several equipment from different manufacturers. You could have your iPhone repaired, exchanged or even returned after only five days in case you meet the standards of the iPhoneinsurance policies with Squaretrade. This is among the few companies which will give you relating to accidental damage and it’s this that sets this company apart from the many others.Another way you can get iPhone insurance policies are with purchase protection with a redit card company. There are a lot credit companies who will provide this and they covers malfunctions in addition to accidental damage. You will in all probability get such an iPhone insurance cover and offer from top credit card companies like American Express and Visa. What is interesting to note is that this iPhone insurance policy can extend your manufacturers warranty for one year just like you could get with Apple Care.Interestingly enough, the iPhone is definately a relevant piece of technology that one could even use homeowners or tenants insurance so that you can cover your iPhone as well. You are able to add a little more to your yearly payments. Of course, with all of this in your mind, you really need to keep in mind what kind of deductible you will be able to get if its way too high, the insurance plan will really be useless to receive to start with. There are numerous people who have purchased reasonable coverage through their home owner insurance however its not necessarily the same for anyone. Remember to study your choices before making the decision about becoming iPhone insurance because you may not need it at all if you are a watchful user.

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