Slimrun: get into shape with iPhone-app

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Slimrun in beweging komen iPhone-appIt is a new trend, get into shape in the least time possible. The best example is the popular Insanity training. People are buying the DVD’s, doing the programs, etc. So the gaming and app industry wants to get into this popular demand. So now you have Kinect sporting programs, 7 minute workout apps like Adidas myCoach multi-sport. Training can be done at any time with these apps. When you have 10 minutes to spare, start the app and get fit. But the app we discuss here does not follow the speedy trend. Because Slimrun takes the time to help you get fit. For example, the first lesson takes 45 minutes. During the running or walking you can listen to a voice telling you what to do. It tells you what methods you can use and supports you with instructions.


Video top 10 must have iPhone apps for 2013

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Here is a nice video showing you the top best iPhone apps for 2013. Video is made by Saki Tech from Philadelphia. I came across this video thanks to Empire Avenue. I hope you find this video helpful / informative? If you have any tips yourself? Please comment below.

Install Google Maps on Iphone with iOS 6

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Watch this video where this guy explains how to get Google Maps on the new iOS 6. As you might know, iOS 6 does not have Google Maps. This native application has been removed. But here you can see how simple it is to get Googlemaps on your new iOS anyway. Good luck!

Better photos with your iPhone thanks to app 645 Pro

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You probably heard or are even using apps like Instagram and Camera+. Although much fun, it could be that these apps are not producing photos up to your standards. So you need something better? Maybe the new title 645 PRO is what you need? 645 PRO is created by Michael Hardaker and this app describes itself as “the photography professional’s iPhone camera.”

This app is loaded with a lot of high-end features. For example you control the real-time ISO and shutter speed reader, you get a live histogram and the app promises unparalleled image quality. This app even claims to produce “developed RAW” TIFF files and “lossless” JPEG images. You also have instant access to focus/exposure and white balance locking to a 645 PRO-exclusive choice between spot and multi-zone metering.

If you are thinking “Why would I need those features?”… well then probably this is not the App for you. Otherwise it could be just the improvement you need as a photographer to create more beautiful photos!?

This app is downloadable from the App Store for $2.99. 645 PRO is optimized for the iPhone 4S, but you can use it without problems also on the iPhone 4.

Development of Free iPhone apps

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Although, Steve Jobs isn’t any additional but the craze of applying iphones and developing free iphone apps is nevertheless growing. While running a business enterprise, you have to keep a good deal of things in thoughts and generating iphone applications is a single of them. These programs help you men to develop your company adequately and easily having a big audience. This publish is about uncomplicated concepts and techniques to create iphone apps. So, stick around and learn some unique ways to fully grasp the importance and significance of these apps. Moreover, you are able to also comply with the hyperlinks talked about beneath to get much more concepts regarding iphone applications.

How To produce iPhone Applications?
A lot of people are quite involved about generating and building of iphone programs. The cause at the rear of this fact is the importance of those apps to market your business and maintain men and women engaging. Of course, an iphone application has the tendency to develop your company inside times. So, usually try your degree finest to generate iphone apps whenever that you are wanting to start a thing new in market place.

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Find My Friends iOS 5-app for iPhone now available

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find-my-friendsThe new and official Apple App “Find my Friends” has arrived for the iPhone and for the iPad. This is also the first App inside the App-store which uses the iOS5 functionality. This also means you cannot install the App without iOS 5 on your device. Also you are required to have an iCloud account for this as well. With this nice little App called Find my Friends you can get the locations of your friends / of your family and relations as long as they are sharing this with you. Could be useful on big events, parties, holidays, networking events, etc.

So do you have iOS 5 and also an iCloud account? If yes, will you get this app?

Facebook for iPhone 4.0 with better navigation and iPad version

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Facebook voor iPhoneFacebook has renewed the whole mobile portfolio today. The big news is that there is finally a Facebook App for the iPad available. And also there is an updated version of the Facebook App for the iPhone which is available in the App Store. The site on is now a totally renewed html5-webapp / web application.

OmniStat Adds Loads of Statistical Figures to the Notification Center

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Want to know the name of your iDevice? How about its storage capacity, OS, build, or free memory available?

For stat junkies, there’s no better jailbreak tweak than OmniStat. OmniStat is a widget that resides in iOS 5′s Notification Center, and it puts a ridiculous amount of iDevice stats right at your fingertips.

Fruit Ninja special edition Puss in Boots

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fruit-ninja-puss-in-bootsDreamworks will work together with Halfbrick for a special game. Halfbrick is the creator of the popular iPhone game Fruit Ninja. And now, thanks to Dreamworks, this best selling game will be distributed in a special edition: Fruit Ninja: Puss in Boots. 10 more days, on the 20th of october you should be able to get this new version in the App Store for €0,79 (iPhone) and for €1,59 (as iPad version). This Puss in Boots Game App is meant to promote the new upcoming movie from Dreamworks where this time not Shrek but the pussy in boots will be the main character.

Mega Mall Story is a Japanese alternative for Tiny Tower

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mega mall story iphoneThis game is similar to Tiny Tower where you need to fill a flat / appartments with satisfied tenants and small companies. The Japanese gamestudio Kairosoft now releases a game in the same pixel style called Mega Mall Story. In this game you need to build a shopping mall with a veggy store, bakery, flower shop, coffee bar and other shops.

Sorry, but this game is not available yet. More news soon.

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