How to move your iTunes library to Google Music

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A new subscription based service from Google called Google Music All Access combines your existing music collection with access to thousands of albums. The service will cost you a monthly fee of $9.99 or just $7.99 if you subscribe before June 30th. Want to try the service for free for 30 days? You can! But if you want to do this, the next question will be: how do I move my iTunes library to Google Music!? Well no problem because Google makes it relatively easy. Although it does not move your files physically. So as an iOS user, you won’t be adversely affected.

itunes to google music How to move your iTunes library to Google Music

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How to Use the iTunes Gift Card With Ease-TradeTang

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Article by Allen05

The iTunesgiftcard is feature of Apple products that enables users to send gifts through their Apple iPhone or computers. Shop for cheap giftcards online at TradeTang including itunes-giftcards,discount giftcards and more wholesale itunesgift-cards with high quality.

These iTunesgiftcard presents come in form of songs, entire albums and play lists, movies and music videos as well as audio books. Those who receive these items get to choose the type of gifts that want the most. They can also be used for business purposes. On how to use iTunes gift-cards feature one needs to download into their phone the ITunes software for free from the download iTunes web page. Make sure to have the latest version of iTunes installed in your computer.

Next, get discount gifts cards and those who do not have a.Mac membership will need to open an account. Personal information will be required here so you should inter authentic information. Open iTunes, followed by a click on the iTunes store on the left side of the iTunes window. This is followed clicking the Sign In bottom; so it is important to make sure that you are signed in as the person you are. Sign in using the confirmed email address. At the right most corner, there is a button Redeem that you click on to access your iTunes Present Cards or card.

Every purchase made of the card triggers the amount to appear next to the account name at the left most corner of the window. The credit in your account is deducted every time you purchase an iTunes-gift-card from the Apple store. iTunes present certificates are essentially needed for one to go about how to use iTunes -Gift -Cards. They can only be used in the same online store that they were bought from and cannot be exchanged between countries.

iTunesgift-cards is a simple process, which can be used to exchange gifts among iTunes users.If you want to get gift-cards-online please Visit TradeTang iTunes-gift-cards channel and learn how to use iTunes-Gift-Cards.Also you will find a rang selection of iTunesgift-cards are sold at discount prices.

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Amazing Apple Mobile Phones

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Article by Rosemary

In today’s fast paced economy, everyone is in the need of quick and efficient devices that help in carrying out several tasks effectively. Nowadays, mobile phone is not a status symbol but a necessity. People are in search of luxury mobile phones due to their popularity and exciting features. Most of the people love these gadgets. Anyone can find numerous handsets in the market but choosing a good handset is always a best option.

The market is flooded with mobile phones threading latest features and exciting looks. They are so exciting so that anybody would love to have one mobile in their pocket. Apple is a well known brand in the laptop market but strengthening its legs in the mobile phone market as well. The latest release is Apple iPhone which has some exciting features and unmatched quality. This cell phone is also available at affordable price too. Apple mobile phones is not just simply a mobile phone but a device that acts as an iPod, a Phone and an Internet device. This phone provides the user access to thousands of applications. It’s built on the latest technology that’s years ahead of its time. iPhone displays your content – music, movies, TV shows, on an extra wide 3.5″ inch screen. You can also add to your collection by downloading music and video wirelessly from the iTunes store.

iPhone 4 changes everything. Again. Introducing hundreds of new features; Apple’s latest smartphone boasts a sleek new thinner glass encased design; arriving with an enhanced dual facing 5.0 mega-pixel camera and 720p HD video capture. The sharp Retina display also creates the most vibrant and high resolution phone screen in the market with 4 times the pixel count of previous models. iPhone 4 is powered by an A4 Processor and coupled with the latest OS 4.0; makes multi-tasking smoother than ever.

It’s a revolutionary phone with the multi-touch interface on phone, means you can simply make a call by tapping a name or number in your contacts or favorites list, your call log, or just about anywhere.

Mobile phone deals is a mobile web portal that provides contract phones and cool Apple Mobile phones and that too in an affordable price range.

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Some great time saving tips when using your Apple iPad

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Article by Rant Gator-Ant

Ever wondered how so many people seem to be close to professional status when it comes to operating the iPad? Well, it’s not difficult really but there certainly are lot of tricks and techniques which you need to master if you wish to become truly proficient at using the device.

One of the first tips that is most useful for people who read a lot of books on the iPad is to download the Apple iPad Kindle App – this App will give you full access to Amazon’s massive collection of e-books and while the viewing experience is somewhat superior when using the Amazon Kindle, the iPad reader does more than hold its own. What’s more the prices offered by Amazon are often a lot cheaper than those offered for purchasing iBooks, so it’s a no brainer option for anyone who does a lot of reading on the go. The best way to get the most from reading books on the iPad however is to view in portrait mode rather than landscape – landscape mode often gives the spine of the book a fuzz impression, which can often be distracting when reading.

Another good option for the security conscious, particularly those who use iTunes or a conscious about someone stealing their iPad is the password protection and security functions which you can enable through the main iTunes interface. This will prevent anyone from logging into your iTunes account and downloading lots of music – you enable password protected login in iTunes by going to settings then general restrictions – you will then need to enter a password and set your restriction levels.

While the fact the iPad battery has a full 10 hours of battery life, it does take a significant amount of time to charge, more so than some of the major laptop brands and in some cases up to about five hours (if you have fully drained the battery of all power). The best idea then is to have a replacement battery handy and also to re-charge the iPad each night before you go to bed; this will allow you to start the day with a full battery charge which means you should be free for a full day’s worth of iPad activity.

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Mark Johnson is a renowned author on saving tips. Looking for more information on the iPad 2? Find out more now only at Buy iPad.

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How To Backup iPhone Contacts

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Article by Wolfgang Schmuck

The Apple iPhone has changed the way many people view and use their telephone. It is capable of surfing the net and downloading and running applications and other types of data transfer. With all of these new capabilities come new ways for the address book to become compromised. One can lose all of his contacts if caution is not exercised. However, there is a way to backup iPhone contacts so that if the address book is corrupted, one can restore the contact list.

The first step is to download iTunes to one’s computer. This app will run on Mac or PC formatted computers, so compatibility is not an issue. ITunes is the preferred software for backing up and syncing information between an iPhone, iPad, or iPod and a computer. It is best to ensure that one is running the latest version of iTunes in order to achieve the best results.

iTunes will automatically create a backup of contacts and other user information under certain conditions. Any time one syncs the device with iTunes, a backup is created. Every time one updates the device in iTunes a backup is automatically created. Any time one does a restore using iTunes he/she will be prompted to create a backup before restoring.

There is also a way to manually create a backup of contacts using iTunes. All one needs to do is right click the iPhone icon in iTunes and choose backup from drop down menu.

Many people like to go a step further and place their iPhone contacts into their windows address book. This can be accomplished by connecting the phone to the computer and opening iTunes. Left click the iPhone icon. Click the tab marked “info” and find the section marked “contacts”. Place a check in the box marked “sync contacts” and select “windows address book” from the list of available destinations.

If this is the first time you have performed this operation, click the button that says apply. If not, there will be a button marked “sync”. Once the operation has been completed, one can export the contents of the address book into a backup file or leave this content in place as the windows address book as well as the iPhone contacts.

There are many different ways that one can lose his/her iPhone contacts. The most common is loss, theft, or damage to the iPhone itself. However, there are also many ways to corrupt the data stored in contacts if one is not careful. Therefore, it is important to know how to backup the contacts to another device for safe keeping.

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Besides the function of transferring, a professional iPhone backup software can help you to manage iPhone library in nice order also or allows you edit or create files without any limitation. Get a free trialware of iPhone contact backup software by visiting:

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Downloading ITunes gift codes

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Article by deap

Downloading ITunes gift codesIt is 1st crucial to discover the definition of ITunes gift codes. To make folks acquire several downloads from Itunes, Apple uses this method recognized as ITunes gift codes. These gift codes can be utilised later as the iTunes gift card codes does not have any expiry date at all. People can purchase something which they wish to down load and they can be utilized for giving a gift. Paying for iTunes gift codes is a extremely simple method. Individuals have a extensive selection to select from in terms of type, value and location. Sellers of music and electronics and Apple stores promote these gift codes to folks. It is also achievable to obtain them on the web by means of pc packages. The value array of ITunes gift card codes varies from fifteen money to hundred bucks. In addition they are offered in special designs and quite beautiful colors. So individuals can advantage from the range of kinds in the ITunes. People require to go to an iTunes internet site in obtain to down load iTunes gift codes. The website has a totally free software which allows folks to down load audio. Folks can comply with the directions offered on the internet site which are extremely consumer pleasant. When individuals get a hold of the plan, it will be automatically installed. All folks require to do is stick to the straightforward guidelines offered and they will be ready to manage all the pop outs inquiries which will seem. As soon as the set up is done individuals will be furnished with the choices of settings. Producing it a default player is advised. This system is really simple to use and all the songs which was saved previously will be transferred to the itunes immediately. To redeem their gift cards all men and women need to do is log onto their iTunes account. People require to break into the payment details after entering their password. Folks can begin shopping as soon as the dollars will be credited to their account. For this to occur folks have to enter the code which is supplied at the again of the card. It is required to have an accounts in purchase to declare iTunes gift codes. This can be completed by downloading the software program. ITunes gift codes enable individuals to down load the prime singles graphs which have the greatest singles tune of the week as properly as the leading album chart which consists of song of the most recent released album. Moreover there is another chart by the title of prime genre graphs which lists the greatest songs from the various genres.Find great deals on“> itunes gift codes here.

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GrIDsure® Enterprise Login now supports iPhone and iPad

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Article by RealWire

Ubiquitous Strong Authentication allows use of Apple iPhone for secure Remote Access

Cambridge, 29 March, 2011 – GrIDsure, the pioneer in pattern based authentication, today announced the latest version of GrIDsure Enterprise Login, a secure login solution for Windows and remote VPN access that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft environments and replaces passwords, PINs and tokens with a safer, simpler method of strong authentication.

GrIDsure Enterprise Login version 4 provides strong authentication for desktop, IIS portals and remote RADIUS based authentication using a web, mobile or desktop Challenge GrID. With support for all Microsoft 32 and 64-bit operating systems, GrIDsure’s software integrates seamlessly with common VPN platforms such as Juniper SA and Microsoft UAG and also provides strong authentication for Microsoft’s Direct Access VPN solution.

“Making our unique Mobile GrID available on the most popular devices ensures accessibility to strong authentication for the broadest range of users and scenarios. This is a fundamental design rule of GrIDsure, making life simpler yet more secure for users by utilising technology that is familiar and always available. Making the Mobile GrID available for iPhone and iPad is another step in this process,” said GrIDsure Founder and CTO Stephen Howes.

Cost-effective to implement and maintain, GrIDsure Enterprise Login can be seamlessly installed on any new or existing Windows domain. It uses sequential pattern recognition to reliably identify users and their access rights without the need for additional hardware or tokens. Users choose a memorable pattern and sequence of cells on a grid, their Personal Identification Pattern (PIP). Every time they log on, they are presented with a challenge GrID of random numbers. They then enter those values that accord with their PIP, creating a secure, one-time passcode at every login without giving away their secret pattern.

“Almost every day there is news of a data breach, affecting companies of all sizes and in all industries, their employees and customers. Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, with criminals not only stealing username/password combinations but also targeting so-called two-factor solutions that use additional tokens,” said Stephen Howes.

“Gartner is already predicting a dramatic decline in the use of hardware tokens, to be replaced by alternative secure and easily available authentication methods. The market needs a solution that’s highly secure and at the same time cost-effective and easy to use. We believe our grID is the answer.”

GrIDsure Enterprise Login is centrally controlled via an additional tab on Windows’ standard user administration tools. Network administrators can easily configure the challenge grid size, required length and complexity of the Personal Identification Pattern to suit their organisation’s security requirements. The incorporated SDK can be used to integrate GrIDsure authentication into other corporate applications, including web-based applications.

The GrIDsure iPhone app is available on the iTunes App Store:

The new product joins a family of authentication solutions including GrIDsure for Microsoft UAG, GrIDsure Solo Login, and GrIDsure SmartLogin.

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GrIDsure is the pioneer in pattern based authentication solutions which generate dynamic one-time passcodes. The company’s award-winning solutions empower organisations to strengthen information security, ensuring user confidence without compromising user experience. GrIDsure’s Personal Identification Pattern (PIP) technology is easy to use as it relies on the instinctive human ability to recall patterns, rather than memorising PINs or passwords. The company’s solutions create an extra, flexible security layer that works independently as well as alongside other technologies such as PKI (Public Key Infrastructure). Based in Cambridge, UK, GrIDsure partners with companies such as Quest Software, CRYPTOCard, Modirum and Microsoft to provide end-users with secure authentication worldwide. For further information, contact +44 (0)1480 483300 or visit

Its MM Tuts, In this video I teach you how to get an iTunes Store account without the use of a credit card. This is a cool bypass that allows you to select “none” instead of selecting a credit card (mastercard, visa, etc.). Anyway I recommend you try this out if you want an iTunes Store account and you do not have a credit card. This video is related to: iTunes Apple Mac Credit Cards Macintosh Videos MacManiaTutorials Account
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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How to Sell Your Book on Apple iTunes

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Article by John Noel

How to Sell Your Book on Apple iTunes

With the release of the Apple iPad, Apple hopes to accomplish with regard to books what the iPod does for music. In helping stock the iBook store with an abundance of titles, Apple offers an opportunity for you to sell your book on their store. The bottom line is you get to keep 70% of whatever you decide to charge! You set the price without having the hassle of an agent or book publisher.

In order to put your book into the iBook store, you must meet these minimum requirements

* iTunes Account with working and valid credit card* Be able to deliver the book in ePub format* Have an ISBN number for your book* The Book you write must pass EpubCheck 1.5* Valid US Tax ID* Intel based Mac running OS 10.5 or newer

If you don’t know how to get an ISBN number, there are firms that specialize in this service. Apple suggests you use an Apple approved firm that have can provide you with all the services you need. These firms are known as aggregators and do have a financial arrangement with Apple.

Here’s a partial list of Apple-approved aggregators for the iBook store:


Some services charge an upfront fee such as a flat fee for each year is in their store, with an additional fee to register your ISBN number. These fees range from -49. Other aggregators take a percentage of the profits. It’s up to you to choose what model you want to use. Of course, you could bypass the aggregators and do it yourself to lower the cost of getting your book online.

You can apply here to get your book registered on Apple.

About the Author

John Noel has been a Apple user and technology expert for over a decade. Come visit his website at which helps people publish their books on sell book on iTunes as well as the latest Apple products and apps reviews.

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Convert Online Music Video to Apple iTunes

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Article by aHisoft

Compare with purchasing video and music from Apple iTunes Store, many Apple “i” users would like to download and Convert Online Music Video to iTunes for their Apple players. Here i share some Guides and Tips with you. Let’s have a look!

Some time ago, there’s a hot topic about Apple that many iPod users encountered a problem: Getting no sound in converted M4V format file, but original file plays the sound. And most of them are use the iTunes Converter and QuickTime Pro which were developed by Apple Inc. Noticed that, Apple official site post: iPod plays video but not audio of some exported files! Products Affected:iPod touch, iPod touch (2nd generation), iPod nano (4th generation), QuickTime 7 (Windows), iPod classic, QuickTime 7 (OS X), iTunes, iPod (5th generation), iPod nano (3rd generation).

And you know the Resolution? They guide you to use the QuickTime Pro or iMovie to export video files in the right format for iPods that support video playback. Whatever, it’s not a small job. And you know what, the QuickTime Pro, iMovie and iTunes Converter are not for free. Here comes a long existed controversial problem(Video Conversion Infringement): you paid for those movies and songs and now you can’t play them outside of the iTunes environment or other personal uses. What’s worse, now you need to purchase a QuickTime Pro or iMovie to convert the movie or music for your Apple players. That’s funny ah! Apple explains this by saying that their proprietary format gives you superior sound quality, but that’s a smokescreen. In a word: It’s all about DRM, and DRM is all about the money.

But whatever, we should accept an existed reality: Platform independence is sth of a tacit agreement, when it comes to audio and video file formats. Each company comes up with its unique video or music format and they are generally only compatible with players that’s developed by them. Like your purchased Apple Protected Formats, only it’s not You that is being protected, it’s Apple, or rather Apple’s bottom line. That’s why problems like Convert Online Music Video to Apple iTunes crop up.

Of course where there is a software drawback, there is scope for the development of a plugin or another software to solve it! That is where Video Converter programs come in. Many software companies have recognized this incompatibility issue and have come up with solutions in the form of video converter programs. These third party video convertor programs can easily Convert Online Music Video to Apple iTunes and also make other format conversions like these. So many would like to download and Convert Online Music Video to Apple iTunes for their iPod, iPhone or iPad. Compare the Apple iTunes Store and the whole Internet Online Platform, absolutely it supplies you more options and the process does easier than purchasing Apple stuff. However, all roads lead to Rome, think twice and your choice comes!

Generally, Convert Online Music Video to Apple iTunes is very easy for many 3rd party software. Only several tips that you should keep in mind: 1. What’s the compatible formats(e.g. WAV, AIFF, MP3, MP4(M4V), AAC(M4A) for iTunes). 2. It would be much better if the 3rd party tool has the corresponding Apple device’s format options(iPod, iPhone. But whatever iPod and iPhone accepted formats are almost the same, cuz they are Apple’s.) 3. For some crappy software converter(there’s no Apple format option), you must manual adjust some format parameters, it needs more knowledge.

Sum up as 3 steps: Download Online Video, Convert Video to iTunes, then Simply synchronize your iPod, iPhone, iPad and enjoy your video clips!

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Doris Christina is a blogger and writer of aHisoft Co LTD.I can help you with Video Download and conversion.If you are interested in it,Please pay a visit to my blog (Online Video Downloader)

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How to convert ASF streams to itunes syncable MP3 on mac osx?

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Article by terryhao

Well,you get CDs on your hard drive in windows specific media asf streams format and you can’t sync them in itunes on mac, for Mac doesn’t have the proper plug in.iTunes supports MP3, AIFF, WAV, MPEG-4, AAC and Apple Lossless. iTunes do not directly support Windows.asf streams format, ASF is a proprietary file type created by Microsoft which contains both video and audio encoding, but asf to mp3 converter for mac can easily convert asf streams to the iTunes-compatible mp3 format of your choice.

asf to mp3 converter for mac can make superb quality conversions between ASF streams and MP3 formats with marvellous speed and reliability. ASF to MP3 Converter for Mac will help you to get audio CDs encoded in windows asf streams to MP3 audio formats compatible with mac iTunes/iPod/iPhone.

The enhanced asf to mp3 converter for mac supports a wide choice of bitrates,empowers to add an audio or a folder from your hard disk and remove a file with a single click, high output quality with options available to set encoding parameters, preview audio effects, trim audio length and all conversion actions can be performed on a single screen.

Video Editor for Mac is a little, smart and easy to use software designed for simple cutting,trimming,converting videos on mac.

While being simple and intuitive, it’s a handy mac video editor/cutter/trimmer/splitter/joiner that enables you to perform many tasks with ease on a mac. Now you can use it to edit video files mac, cut video files mac, trim video clips mac, split video mac into smaller ones, join/merge several video files into one mac, adjust effects(Brightness,Constrast,Saturation), set many encoding parameters including resolution, encoder, frame rate, video bitrate, batch convert your video clips to a range of different formats like AVI, WMV, MOV, DV, MPEG-4 etc with extremely fast encoding speed and exceptional quality (gets rid of audio and video out of sync problem), thus making it easy for you to import them into various editing apps like iMovie, FCE, FCP, QuickTime Pro etc or portable devices(supports 16:9 or 4:3 mode).

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How To Convert Any Audio Format That ITunes Can Read to MP3 WAV ACC AIFF or Apple lossless Encoder

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