Background Manager brings true backgrounding back to Cydia

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There was once a time when iOS lacked any form of multitasking. Yes, that includes the pseudo-multitasking that is fast app switching, which is what iOS uses today. True backgrounding has never been available in iOS, and that’s understandable since it would likely cause battery life to fall below Apple’s lofty standards.

iPhone jailbreakers have been able to enjoy the benefits of true backgrounding for some time now, at least with older versions of iOS. Unfortunately, Backgrounder — the jailbreak app that enabled true backgrounding — stopped working after iOS 6. Its developer has since abandoned the project.

That’s where Background Manager comes in to pick up the slack. It’s a brand new jailbreak tweak, unrelated to the original Backgrounder in everything but perhaps name, and it’s been built from the ground up.

Perhaps my memory has failed me, but Background Manager seems to be more stable and more feature rich that its predecessor. You can even make the tweak launch specific apps in the background on device reboot. Yes, Background Manager is definitely worthy of your time and attention if you’ve ever wanted to have true multitasking on iOS 6. Take a look inside for more information.(…)
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